Looking To Raise Capital?

Take Your Concept International


Take your Fund, Project or Business to the next level with access to sophisticated investors. Had a light bulb moment? Use our investor events to share it with those who can make it a reality.

Capital Introductions


Let exponential events lend a helping hand with capital introductions. We provide a platform for you to access ultra high net worth and institutional investors in a profesional business and social setting.

Worldwide Events


With a network that spans across Europe the Middle East, Asia and America Exponential Events can facilitate your capital raising requirements on multiple continents.

Take The Spotlight


The stage is all yours! Utilize this golden opportunity to present your proposition to ultra high net worth individuals that have already expressed an interest in the opportunity.

Close The Deal


Get the deal completed immediately and directly without delay. Make the most of our informal post event functions.

The Exponential Effect


Do you want to raise more capital? Benefit from our access to global capital with our events in different countries. Sign up for our next event and maintain the momentum!

Exponential Investment Events & Capital Raising Platform

We specialise in helping Start Up and Early Stage companies raise equity & debt finance through our network of Sophisticated  Investors, Family Offices, Private Equity & Venture Capital Funds looking to invest a minimum of £25,000 up to £10m. 



Exponentials' experienced deal managers provide companies with thorough investment preparation and corporate finance advice, structuring an attractive deal to give the best chance of investment success.

The investment process involves five key stages:

  1. Preparation. Corporate finance advice and thorough investment preparation work including investment notes, due diligence packs and hosting a secure online data room.
  2. Promotion. Extensive marketing and promotion across our international investor network through tailored introductions, showcasing at investor events and on our online platform for sophisticated investors.
  3. Deal Negotiations. We manage the funding timetable and handle investment negotiations, providing guidance and advice through to deal closure.
  4. Further Funding We regularly manage further fundraising rounds as companies grow and expand. With established company insight, additional funding rounds can be initiated quickly, often re-marketing to warm investor leads.
  5. Investor Relations Exponentials’ platform facilitates improved investor relations, with the secure platform enabling companies to easily update and communicate with shareholders and often gain greater strategic value from their investors.

Matching sophisticated investors with curated Global Start Up & Early Stage investment opportunities. Via our Online Investment Platform & Investment Events. 

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