Secured Returns


Property is often deemed the most secure investment of all. We strive to provide investment opportunities with pre determined guaranteed rental income.


Bonds pay the subscriber a fixed coupon rate. Exponential Events has a wide array of offerings that typically are secured double digit returns.

Structured Notes

Structured notes can be issued with or without capital guarantees and with varying levels of protection. Exponential Events has access to a multitude of providers issuing notes with multiple currency options and double digit returns.

Bridge Finance

Specialist funds active in the short term financing of property construction, often to release escrow payments for developers. Exponential Events has an array of opportunities in  various countries providing substantial pre-determined returns. 

Trade Finance

Banking regulations and capital restrictions have made conventional trade financing difficult to obtain. Let Exponential Events introduce you to unique financing funds with secured returns.

Promissory Notes

Exponential Events highlights investment opportunities in companies soon to go public.The offering can be cash secured returns over a given period or a convertible option into company stock or a hybrid of options to buy and a cash return.

Global Investment Events


Exposure to the property sector should be prevailing in every investor portfolio. Exponential Events introduces trophy assets in fantastic locations

Asset Management

Multiple investment strategies is the key to a successful portfolio. Exponential Events introduces flourishing Asset Managers to present their strategy and investment offering.

Private Equity

Diverse range of opportunities across multiple sectors. Exponential Events is the gateway to Private Equity diversification for your portfolio. International companies with fantastic growth potential.

Mutual Funds

With over 10,000 funds to choose from how do you choose the right options? Let Exponential Events introduce you to established Mutual Funds with a proven track record where you can speak with the investment managers personally to help you make a decision.


With banking rules changing the commodity sector is open to a multitude of new investment opportunities. Exponential events are proud to showcase the variety of investment options available in the commodity sector.


International Business can often carry currency exposure, offset this by currency hedging at fractional costs of traditional banks. Investment opportunities across the Forex trading sector.

Deal Facilitation Sectors


Investment opportunities in Airport Hangars, Airplanes, Airports, Fractional Jet ownership.

Natural Resources

Public and Private mining companies seeking expansion and development capital. Precious metals through to base metals.Exponential Events has you covered.

Oil and Gas

Upstream and Downstream opportunities across all different continents ranging from exploration to refining.


With an ever growing population food security is a prevailing concern for many countries driving growth in the agriculture sector. Exponential Events provides access to agriculture investments across the world.


Power Generation in developed and emerging markets. Power projects with government off take agreements in conventional and renewable energy.


Technology advances continue to keep the healthcare industry at the forefront for investment opportunity.

Private Placements


Educational Investment opportunities are extremely sought after. Exponential Events has diverse offerings for you to participate in the education sector. 


Fintech is evolving rapidly presenting a multitude of investment opportunities. Exponential Events has the access to open the door to the sector everyone is talking about. 


Technology is constantly evolving and continues to present unique investment opportunites


Exponential Events has unparalleled access to investment opportunities in luxury jets, yachts, cars and watches.


Manufacturing continues to deliver value for investors. Exponential Events provides exposure to this sector across the world.


Syndicated equity to support  project finance.Exponential Events provides access to unique projects