What we do

We Tailor The Event


Exponential Events pride itself in creating events with diverse offerings for investors. Each opportunity is delivered by qualified practitioners in that space.

We Generate Investor Activity and Interest


Once the investment opportunities are finalised we begin fine tuning the attendees with our collaborating partners.

We Host The Event


Meticulous detail goes into planning our events. We ensure the seamless transition throughout the events entire activities.

We Stimulate Investor Interaction


It is paramount to the success of each event that promoters and investors get the chance to talk personally and we strive to make this happen at each and every event we host.

We Follow Up Investor Interest


Whilst we encourage each investment promoter to liaise directly with investors, we also continue to liaise with investors on your behalf and will advise you of any subsequent interest post event. 

You Participate Again


We can't emphasize this point enough. Our investor attendees are repeat clients and often like to meet promoters multiple times. Take the opportunity to present in the same location more than once to drive home your offering.