How to get Investment Ready, Pitch & Raise Capital Workshop

Video from our Event on 7.8.19


Dear Neal, I wanted to drop you a quick line and say massive thank you for organising the workshop around raising investment on Wednesday. I think there's a real lack of concise and informative events in London (everything is so wishy-washy all the time) and you've just absolutely nailed it. I really look forward to attending more events in the future and also hope to be pitching once we get the deck together.   

Aušrinė Keršanskaitė



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How to Get Investment Ready, Pitch & Raise Capital

A Monthly Series of Professional Capital Raising Workshops

Workshops for Companies - Looking to Raise Capital

How to get Investment Ready, Pitch & Raise Capital. 

Including Fund Raising Strategy Sessions.

Meet the Experts who can help you.

Come and meet Anthony Rose, the Founder of SeedLegals, who will explain everything and help you, to get Investment Ready.Learn How to Raise Capital and how to set up the Perfect Pitch. Learn about Seed Legals ongoing Capital Raise facility SeedFAST. Anthony is best known for his work managing the launch of BBC iPlayer, for which Wired UK named him "the man who saved the BBC"

Meet our Partners and experts, who can help your business now and as it grows.Learn how to do it with the experts, who have already done it and will help you do it.

Raising Capital is not easy, its an art. You will Learn how to do it and we will help you.

It also costs money to Raise Money, we will explain. It can be very expensive if you get the offer wrong!

Your Questions - Answered and More 

  • How do I Raise Capital? What does it cost to Raise Capital?
  • How much should I Initially Raise? What are my plans for Future Raises?
  • What options do I have, when looking to Raise?
  • How do I Pitch? Is my Pitch Deck Right? How can I improve it?
  • Do I have SEIS/ EIS Approval? How do I get this? Why should I have it?
  • How do I issue additional Shares, in my Company? What class of shares can I issue?
  • Where is my Shareholders agreement and my Cap Table?  
  • Is my Subscription Agreement correct?
  • Why should an investor, Invest in my Company? 
  • How much have I invested? Who are The Team? 
  • What is my model? Do you have IP? Can my concept be copied?
  • How do I register my IP or Trademark? Why is this Important for Potential Investors?
  • What is my valuation? What is it based on? Is it Realistic?
  • How much am I looking to raise? How long will this Capital last? When will need to Raise Again?
  • What is my current / future valuation? 
  • What is my exit strategy? Is this attractive to potential Investors? Who will buy us or will we List on an exchange?
  • What equity am I offering to Investors? Is this realistic?
  • Do I want active shareholders to help mentor and drive my business forward?
  • Do I need additional promotional and marketing partners?
  • Do I have the correct Insurance in place? Including Key Man Insurance? To protect Investors?
  • If I need to conduct business/payments in International Currencies? How do I do it?
  • What alternative Banking and Accounting Services are available to me?
  • What legal requirements do i need to fullfil for my employees? 
  • Can I get a business loan for my Company? How much and what are the Costs? Do I need to have security?
  • And much more. We are here to help you

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Come and meet the experts In Capital Raising. 

Over 70 Companies Attended our Workshop on 7.8.19

Video from the Event on 7.8.19

With SeedLegals, Policy Bee, Forresters, Robot Mascot & World First

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